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    Blow your trumpets Gabriel
    As I beheld the bewilderment ov Eden
    Break the bread, and crumb by crumb into the Leviathan’s den
    Nations fall prey
    Hail my return

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  11. I’ve been out in the garden today attempting to take pictures of little insects. Turns out it’s pretty difficult.
    I’m new to the whole photography thing so when it came to quickly changing my ISO, shutter speed etc (even though all I had to do was twist one thing on my camera) I was still pretty slow at it.

    It didn’t help that the insects would only settle down for a few seconds at a time meaning I had to quickly guess my settings and hope they were ok. I would then have a quick look at the screen and make any changes.

    After a while though I seemed to have my settings sorted for the light and I don’t think the results were too bad for my first time. 
    I could really do with a macro lens for this sort of thing though.

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    DAT NECK \m/ 

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