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Blow your trumpets Gabriel!

As I beheld the bewilderment ov Eden

Break the bread…and crumb by crumb into the Leviathan’s den…

Nations fall prey

Hail my return

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My favourite member of Behemoth, not just because he’s my bass idol but because he seems like such a down to Earth chilled dude. Like at Metal Hammers Golden Gods earlier this year, Behemoth were on first and he went from being totally brutal one second to so humble the next when collecting his reward; his smile never left his face.

(He didn’t even speak at the awards yet he still gave off that impression)

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Behemoth by Florian Stangl

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<3 nergal <3

Behemoth by Sylvain B

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Behemoth by Julien Cesarini

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Nergal of Behemoth

"I’m not forcing anyone to come to our concerts. It’s like pornography: You don’t have to look at it, but you can, if you want to.”

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One of my Tarantulas died earlier. 

As it turned out Seth my OBT was a fully mature male and sadly they don’t last long compared to females. I had no idea he was a male though as he would constantly hide away when I went near his enclosure. 

But yeah I did my best for him and hopefully he enjoyed his little life.

Poor dude.


TEEMU MÄNTYSAARI (Wintersun) by: Agata Alina Sieradzka

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Tool - Schism

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